Richardson Prep - GMAT

#10. At Richardson, lawyers teach students how to become lawyers.

#9. Richardson is the author of Mastering the LSAT (the only Canadian LSAT Prep Guide)

#8. Richardson is the author of Law School Bound (the only Canadian Law Admissions Guide)

#7. Richardson developed the Pre-Law Forum - where professors, lawyers and career counselors help students achieve their goals.

#6. Richardson is the developer and teacher of the only Canadian Law School Application Seminar.

#5. Richardson LSAT students are provided with a complete home study package (you can't buy it anywhere).

#4. Only Richardson offers more than one LSAT course format.

#3. Richardson puts his name on his course.

#2. Richardson programs are less expensive- and more extensive.

#1. Richardson cares whether you succeed!

The Richardson Advantage

How Our Programs Guide Your Training

Since 1979, thousands of students have taken the Richardson Law School Bound Program. John Richardson holds Canadian and American law degrees. He is a member of the Bar of Ontario, and has also been admitted to the Bar of Massachusetts and the Bar of New York. His broad perspective on the LSAT and admission to law school can be put to your benefit.

Training involves much more than preparation.

Although training includes preparation, mere preparation may fall short of effective training! The first requirement of effective training is the learning and internalization of specific principles of approach. A "principle of approach" is a systematic way of identifying an answer which may be applied to other questions.

Our program does not simply show you why the answer to a question is correct. We teach and help you internalize the "principle of approach" that will allow you to identify the answer to the next question of the same type!

Some examples of principles you will learn are:

  • what background skills are essential for a high score
  • how the wrong answer choices are obstructed and the right answer choices obscured
  • how to strip arguments and passages down to their bare essentials
  • systematic ways of diagramming different logic games
  • the right order to answer questions and the right number of questions to answer
  • how to manage time allocation
  • why multiple choice is your friend!

The second requirement of effective training is to learn the principles of effective time allocation.

During our program
  • You will learn to recognize the categories where it is not worth investing your valuable time.
  • You will learn the principles for accurate guessing.
  • You will learn the proper balance of 'speed vs. accuracy' for each section of the LSAT.
  • You will learn how to raise your score by answering fewer questions.
  • You will learn the proper principles for question order.

The third requirement of effective training is

to practice the "principles of approach" and the "principles of time management" on actual LSAT exams. Practice testing is important. Nevertheless, each of our "practice LSAT testing" sessions is designed to be much more than practice. Each of our "practice LSAT testing" sessions will be used to promote the acquisition of a specific skill and approach! Why? Practice without approach will not lead to optimal improvements.

In fact: Practice Without Approach Can Be Hazardous!

Our Instructors- Unrivaled Experience and Unequaled Competence!

Anybody has access to actual LSAT questions. The only thing worth paying for in a course is a training environment in which a specific approach is taught by a quality instructor.

To put it simply: We offer the most experienced instructors in the country.

Your instructor will be either John Richardson, author of Mastering The LSAT- How To Prepare Effectively And Successfully and the actual designer of our programs, or an instructor trained and experienced in the Richardson Method.


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